wild is

Spark curiosity.
Get hands-on with nature.
Smell the flowers.
Climb to new heights.
Walk among butterflies.
Enjoy an adrenaline rush.
Learn a new skill.

The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast

Meet Andrew and Jacob (aka “The Ginger Bowhunter”), the voices behind the wildly popular
podcast tailored to deep-South hunters. Trade stories, get insider tips, and then join them
on Sunday for a limited-seating, live recording (and maybe even audience Q & A).
Exhibit Hall; Classroom 107B (Sunday, 1 p.m.)

Conservation Classroom

Interact with staff from the Alabama Department of Conservation’s four divisions,
and learn how and where to hunt and fish, target shoot, hike, bike, and paddle.
Classroom 106; sponsored by Outdoor Alabama

Kids’ Fishing

Young fishers learn the tricks of casting a line and catching a fish. Exhibit Hall; provided by ArmyBassAnglers


Explore the wonders of the sea in this brightly-colored science classroom on wheels. Exhibit Hall; provided by Dauphin Island Sea Lab

BB Gun Range

Take aim at firearm safety and basic marksmanship in this one-of-a-kind indoor, inflatable range. Exhibit Hall; provided by ArmyBassAnglers

Bees Exhibition

Watch live honey harvesting, and learn about the amazing world of bees. Exhibit Hall; provided by B’s Bees and Baldwin County Beekeeper Association

Raptor Show

Get ready to be wowed as handlers harness the power of these majestic birds of prey. Exhibit Hall Stage ; Saturday only

Axe Throwing

Think you’ve got what it takes to hit the bullseye? Here’s your chance to prove it! Exhibit Hall; Grizzly Axes Booth

Art Gallery

Gaze upon a stunning curated collection of outdoor-themed paintings, sculptures and photographs. Classroom 105; sponsored by Sophiella Gallery

Hunter Education

Participate in demonstrations, including proper harness use and tree stand safety. Exhibit Hall; provided by the AL Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources


Learn the art of leaving no trace behind as Scouts put outdoor ethics into action. Exhibit Hall; provided by the Boy Scouts of America Mobile Area Council

Alligator Slide

A mammoth 20-foot-tall inflatable gator dares riders to whoosh down this dual-lane slide. Exhibit Hall

Butterfly House

Observe different species of butterflies while walking among them in this one-of-a-kind screened-in exhibit. Exhibit Hall

Rock Wall

Challenge yourself — or compete with friends — as you climb to the top of this 26-foot-tall behemoth. Exhibit Hall

Freedom Fidos

From shelter dogs to service dogs, these canine partners demonstrate learned skills. Exhibit Hall Stage; Freedom Fidos Booth

Game Violations

Step inside the trailer to see real examples of confiscated game. Exhibit Hall; provided by the AL Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources

STEM Challenges

Interactive activities that foster a love for nature. Exhibit Hall; provided by Bellingrath Gardens & Home; grades K through 6; limited seats

ECOWIld outdoor expo hours:
Friday, May 10, 2024Noon to 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 11, 202410 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, May 12, 202410 a.m. to 5 p.m.